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Corlett Movers & Storage can take care of any storage needs you may have.

Corlett Movers & Storage has been providing Cleveland with household goods storage since 1942. We use an up to date palletized containerization storage system for household goods. We are one of the few storage companies on the North Coast that brings the containers to your residence for pick up and delivery of your storage items. This results in less handling of your goods, which means less chance of loss or damage. We are proud of this neat and clean method of storage. Your items are wrapped, padded and placed securely into private vaults when they are removed from your residence. The vaults are closed and remain so until they arrive at your new home.

Many movers have palletized containerization storage for household goods, but fail to do the job efficiently because of the lack of skilled crewmembers. Other companies may handle your furniture six or more times when storage is involved. Corlett crews are trained and proficient at loading storage containers at the residence. Machines then safely move the vaults into the warehouse. Your goods are then kept privately secure until they are returned to you. We handle your furniture only twice.

Corlett’s warehouse is a concrete structure that is approved for military storage. It has a fire sprinkler system, security system and is monitored 24/7. We have many special atmospheric controlled areas for special storage needs. Let us help you with yours.